Philly Homeowner Declares He's 'Foreclosed' on Wells Fargo

Frustrated with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, a Philadelphia homeowner took the bank to court under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and won a $1,000 default judgment because it wouldn’t answer his formal questions about a dispute. The bank blew him off, so the man got the sheriff to schedule a sale of contents of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage location to pay for the judgment and $200 in court and sheriff’s fees.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the man says he’s foreclosed on Wells Fargo.

The sales is scheduled to go down March 4, but likely won’t happen because Wells Fargo is working to settle the matter, and believed it had already done so last month when it sent the man more than $1,000 to cover the judgment.

Consumer 11.0: Phila. homeowner wins judgment against Wells Fargo over mortgage fees [Philadelphia Inquirer via BoingBoing]

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