Computer Contestant Dominates Top Humans In Jeopardy

Humans have now been rendered just about obsolete in terms of Jeopardy acumen, judging from the way know-it-all computer Watson owned two of the show’s most impressive players on Tuesday night’s episode, the second of three in which they competed.

AOL reports Watson hammered his fleshbag rivals, racking up $35,734 to his opponents’ totals of $10,400 and $4,800. Both of the human players were among the most successful Jeopardy has ever seen.

There is slight hope for humanity… for now, since Watson missed his Final Jeopardy question: “Its largest airport was named for a World War II hero; its second for a World War II battle.”

The humans answered “Chicago,” while Watson messed up and guessed “Toronto.”

The trio goes at it one last time on tonight’s episode.

Watson Kicks Human Butt on Day 2 of ‘Jeopardy’ [AOL]

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