Google Doubles Down On Gmail Security

Feeling a bit insecure, Google set up a moat, an attack dog and alarm system for Gmail. Well, sorta. It added an optional (for now) two-step verification process to sign in, decreasing the likelihood that a hacker will be able to take your account out on a joyride.

The Official Google Blog compares its heightened security to that of banking websites.

The feature will become available “over the next few days,” Google says, adding that it should take 15 minutes to enroll in the verification process. You will need your usual password as well as a code Google sends to your phone.

Once you’ve enrolled and enabled the two-step verification, you’ll need to enter the password, as well as an extra code that Google will call, text or let you generate yourself with a phone app. And when you register, you’ll be able to set up a backup phone and backup codes in case you lose your primary phone.

Will you use the enhanced security, or does it seem like too much hassle?

Advanced sign-in security for your Google account [Official Google Blog via Slashdot]

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