Teen Arrested For Pointing Laser At Landing Boeing 737

Flying on an airplane can make travelers anxious enough without having to worry about snotty little punks pointing lasers at planes while they attempt to land.

That’s exactly what a 14-year-old turd in Los Angeles stands accused of doing to a Boeing 737 that was in the process of landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday night.

After police were able to locate the source of the green laser, they went to the location in a helicopter. And guess what happened when they arrived: The hilarious teen pointed the laser at the chopper.

According to the L.A. Times, the boy was subsequently arrested and held in juvenile custody.

Pointing lasers at arriving planes is a favorite pastime of asshats around the world. Last April, a JetBlue pilot landing at JFK said someone near the airport had pointed a green laser into his cockpit.

14-year-old boy arrested for allegedly pointing laser at plane at LAX [L.A. Times]

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