NFL Teams See iPads As Playbooks Of The Future

Though the NFL is technologically advanced enough to feature high-definition instant replay and in-helmet communications systems, it’s still antiquated enough to feature old-fashioned paper playbooks. Thanks to tablet computers — namely the iPad — that could change.

CNet reports a Dallas Cowboys official says his squad and a couple other teams are looking into using iPads rather than playbooks. A shift could streamline the flow of information and save teams 5,000 printed pages each game.

The official gives no time line for a possible iPad changeover, but does drop a tidbit that would make the HBO series Hard Knocks a bit less dramatic. In an iPad playbook world, hatchet-man coaches will no longer need to tap soon-to-be-cut players on the shoulder and ask them to bring their playbooks into the office. Coaches, the thinking goes, could remotely wipe the iPlaybooks.

NFL teams may replace playbooks with iPads [CNet via Slashdot]

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