Survey: Many People Likely To Leave Android For Verizon iPhone

Ruh roh! Seems the Verizon iPhone is very popular, which is good news for Verizon but not so good for Android and BlackBerry. A new survey says many users of the Google and Research in Motion Smartphones would likely switch to Verizon’s new offering.

Research firm uSamp conducted the research, using a sample of 727 AT&T and Verizon smartphone owners how likely they were to switch to Verizon’s iPhone on its first day of sale, Feb. 10.

Here’s what they found:

• Out of Android owners, 44% are either very likely (19%) or somewhat likely (25%) to buy an iPhone on Feb. 10.
• For BlackBerry owners, 66% are very likely (32%) or somewhat likely (34%) to switch on Day One.
• Out of all those indicating an interest to switch, 24% wouldn’t mind standing in line to get the Verizon iPhone.
• Those who already have an iPhone with AT&T are less likely to switch (8% very likely, 18% somewhat) but 29% of those that are likely to switch would stand in line that first day.

For the complete results, check out the findings at

Are you tempted to switch from whatever you have for the Verizon iPhone? And should Android and BlackBerry be shivering in their shoes or is this just an initial burst of interest?

Survey: 44% of Verizon Android users likely to switch to iPhone on Day One [Fortune]
Below: The survey results in detail. Click to enlarge.

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