Does The Hertz Claims Department Really Exist?

Have you ever tried to reach the “claims department” of Hertz? Mark was in a car accident with a Hertz customer, and isn’t able to get hold of anyone. Either this department is grossly understaffed, or it doesn’t exist.

I was rear-ended while waiting at a red light by a gentleman driving a
Hertz rental car. Policeman arrives, writes up the report, other
party is at fault, and I’m thinking since it’s Hertz, this should be
no problem getting a claim settled. No, completely wrong. I’ve
attempted to call Hertz claims at 877-584-7159. No one ever answers.
After leaving them a few voicemails, the voicemail box is now full,
and no one has called me back.

I even tried to email them. Also no response. I even tried their web
chat support, and the kind person there directed me to the above toll
free number. I was told I need to keep calling. And I’ve been
calling non-stop for 4 days now.

Thank you Hertz for your great customer no-service. I’m guessing if I
was the renter of the vehicle, they would have no issues calling me