Walmart Staffer Charged With Faking Kidnapping To Rob Store Of $160,000

An employee at a Walmart near Rochester, NY, stands accused of trying to get away with robbing the store of $160,000 in cash by saying she’d been kidnapped and forced into pulling off the heist.

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle:

[The woman], who worked in the cash room of the Walmart store… claimed Nov. 12 that two men kidnapped her at gunpoint in the driveway of her home on Lenox Street and one of the men forced her to drive to the store by threatening to kill her three sons, according to court documents.

At the store, the man stayed in her car while she went into the cash room and loaded money into a bag, she claimed. She said she took the bag out to him in the car, gave it to him, and watched him drive off in her car.

Alas, after the police grilled her on holes in her story, the Walmart worker changed her tune, saying it was actually her boyfriend who staged the kidnapping and that he had talked her into the whole thing.

A police search of the boyfriend’s business and home (which he apparently shares with yet another girlfriend) turned up nothing and he has not been charged.

No money has been recovered.

“I am sorry I did this stupid thing,” the woman told police in a signed statement. “I only wanted money to move to a better apartment.”

Walmart employee accused of faking robbery, stealing $160,000 []

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