Hotmail Sucks: The Rap Video!

Dan Bull has been using Hotmail for 10 years but he’s just about reached his breaking point. So the U.K. bedroom rhymesmith made a rap video open letter to Microsoft about how much their product sucks a giant brick. In the vocal style of The Streets, Dan takes aim at the emails that don’t arrive, their weak spam filters, and MSN’s wack way of adding extra steps when you try to make links.

Over email I recommended to him that he switch to Gmail but Dan says he’s stymied by another Hotmail deficiency, their mail forwarding issues.

C’mon Dan, you can make the switch! Just send out the ol “I’m changing my email address” blast to all your contacts. It’s psychologically painful but you can do it. Kind of like how when you lose your cellphone and you worry about losing all those phone numbers, but then you realize that you actually don’t need those numbers and most of those “friends.”

For tips on importing contacts and mail to Gmail, check out this post from Google Operating System, or you can also explore using POP3.

(In an interesting detail, according to this video’s reality, Microsoft apparently uses a Gmail address for their customer service.)

Dan Bull’s Channel [YouTube]

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