Enjoy Our Down Bedding: Too Bad You're Allergic To Down

If you’re allergic to down and stay at a Quality Inn, you should probably check ahead of time to see whether there is any down-free bedding available in the entire building. Jason is allergic to down, and this was the first hotel he had ever encountered that couldn’t provide him with feather-free bedding to accommodate his allergy. His complaints to corporate were met with more or less a shrug.

This past weekend, Friday and Sat. nights, I stayed at Quality Inn [redacted]. The bedding (comforter and ALL pillows) were down/feather stuffed.

I’m allergic. Every other hotel I’ve stayed in provides a synthetic-stuffed material pillow in the closet just in case. Not this place.

On Friday, I asked the front desk to please make my bed with non-down-filled bedding for Sat. night. It didn’t happen. Another night of sneezing and coughing.

I told the front desk on Sunday as I checked out; and they said they don’t have anything BUT down bedding.

I called Quality Inn’s customer support this morning.

I got some guy that said, “Each hotel is independently owned and operated. If they are using the bedding we recommend (or require), there’s nothing we can do.”

Nowhere on the corporate site does it clearly state every hotel is independent.

I said that they present themselves as corporation, brand themselves as one company with lots of statements about commitments to comfort, etc., and that they should be able to address concerns like mine. NADA.

He transferred me to someone else who had no idea why I was calling. I explained my story again, and same answer.

I asked if there was anything they could do to make up for this or ensure the next person with allergies doesn’t suffer. Nothing. I asked to be transferred to his supervisor. I left a message and no returned call today.

The corporate site promises “comfortable” bedding, but perhaps that means “comfortable if you aren’t allergic to down.”

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