Craig Newmark Isn't Giving You A Free iPad, Either

Well, darn. It looks like the Craigslist iPad scammers took our advice. These enterprising folks would pose as the company CEO, e-mail Craiglist posters, informing them that they had won a free iPad. Of course, the name they used wasn’t even the CEO of Craigslist, and free iPad might arrive only when the “winner” completes a bunch of affiliate-payout offers. Now the scamsters are using the name of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. He’s not giving you an iPad, either.

F. sent us a copy of this variation of the scam:

Dear Craigslist Poster,

This is Craig Newmark. I’m the founder of Craigslist. We have been working with Apple Inc on new promotional giveaways. Basically we are giving away free iPads and other Apple products to randomly picked Craigslist posters. You have been picked as our winner for today. Your Craigslist post id came up in our random pick. You have won a free iPad!!! Please visit our promotional page here and follow the directions to get your free iPad. This is not a scam. After following the directions on our promotional page we will ship you an iPad within 3-4 business days.

Congratulations on winning an Apple iPad (currently valued at $829). If you have any concerns or questions you can contact me by replying to this email. Before contacting me I recommend that you visit our promo page here and sign up for your free iPad so we can reserver one for you.

Thank you for posting on Craigslist,

Craig Newmark
Founder, Craigslist Inc.

No, The Craigslist CEO Is Not Sending You A Free iPad