Updated: Buy Gas From Shell Last Weekend? Check Your Card For Double Billing

If you filled up with gas from Shell on Saturday, January 29 2011, (update: readers report double-billing throughout the whole weekend and Shell says they’re looking to expand the affected time period) and paid with plastic, you should check your card statement to see if you got double-billed. StorefrontBacktalk got hold of a confidential memo which said that a telco outage resulted in 401,120 double-billed transactions having to be reversed for a total of $12,135,608.19 in refunds. While the reversals should be automatic, some people with low balances did get charged overdraft and other fees because of the mistake, fees they should not have to pay

A Shell spokesperson told StorefrontBacktalk that they’re “willing to work directly with debit card customers” regarding any extra fees. So if you got double-billed and incurred a fee through no fault of your own, you should visit or call the Shell station it happened at and ask to speak to the manager about getting a refund.

$12 Million In Duplicate Charges From Shell Oil Telco Crash [StorefrontBacktalk]

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