Family Wakes Up To Cell Tower In Front Yard

A family in Long Island says workers have been putting up a giant pole, pictured at left, in their yard the whole week. Workers told them it was an extra light that the town was putting in. But when it was done, it wasn’t a light. It was a cellphone tower put up by “NextG Networks,” and local officials are calling it “construction by ambush.”

The family told NBC NewYork that when they talked to the company, they said the FCC had given them the rights and that it was a “public necessity.”

The local Superintendent of Highways has a different opinion. They’ve sent the company a letter demanding answers and accusing them of putting up a tower without permits, plans or bond.

Hm… no permit? No pole! Nothing a little four-wheel drive with a chain can’t solve.

Hey, is that a cell phone tower in your yard? [MSNBC] (Thanks to Cory!)

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