Jackson Hewitt Sues H&R Block Over "Trash Talk"

It probably goes without saying that I love a good cat fight, that’s why I’m licking my paws and purring with delight over the news that Jackson Hewitt has bared its claws to take on the biggest feline of them all, H&R Block.

From the NY Daily News:

A suit filed by Jackson Hewitt says competitor H&R Block is “trash-talking” them by saying they make mistakes in two out of three returns they prep.

Block has even dropped “disparaging” pamphlets inside Jackson Hewitt’s offices at the height of tax season, the suit in Manhattan federal court asserts.

In the complaint, Jackson Hewitt has asked the court to order Block to call off what it calls a “nationwide marketing campaign that incorporates several literally false, misleading and highly disparaging advertising claims.”

Because the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently ordered HSBC to stop backing H&R Block’s refund anticipation loans, Hewitt has been advertising their ability to get customers a RAL in as soon as a few hours. The tax preparer believes that Block’s alleged smear campaign is retaliation for these ads.

“H&R Block’s response was to launch a massive promotional campaign based on false and misleading statements,” the court documents say.

A rep for Block says the company “stands behind our advertisements and will vigorously defend our claims.”

This is where I take a second to remind you that there are plenty of free tax prep and tax advice services out there that are not worried about what anyone says in some stupid TV ad.

Jackson Hewitt sues H&R Block for ‘trash-talking’ the tax prep company, claims false advertisements [NY Daily News]

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