Guy Makes Comedy Videos Asking For $1 Million… And Gets It

Comedian Craig Rowin made a series of videos asking for random rich strangers online to give him $1 million. He made no attempt to justify his need or worthiness for this bequest. He simply and emphatically outlined the rules for giving him the money and went through the various options of individuals and companies who might possibly give him the money. And now, by some insane kinky power of the internet, a millionaire has stepped up and will give him the cash. By all accounts, this is not a joke. It is actually happening.

The millionaire will present the check to Craig in person during his performance at the UCB theater in New York on February 2nd.

What will he do with the cash? As promised in the video, he will give $50,000 to his cameraman/director and $50,000 to his co-writer. Then he, “might go on a trip.”

Skeptical? Sure, who wouldn’t be? A friend of Craig’s ran into him and blogged the following:

At least a couple of mainstream media blogs have suggested that this is all a hoax designed to get people to buy $5 tickets for Rowin’s UCB show. I don’t think so. When I congratulated Rowin this morning, this was his reply to me: “I am still in shock. It’s going to be insane.” I read this, as well as the grin on his face in the “success” video, as genuine disbelief

In any event, if it is a hoax or a marketing stunt, with all the coverage this story is getting it won’t be long before it’s outed.

Success video, featuring a cameo by Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza:

Videos leading up to it in chronological order:

I look forward/cringe at the thought of seeing people try to recreate the stunt and failing.

You can hate him but I think it’s a good story about how even in a recession a strong dose of chutzpah, humor, perseverance, luck, and a good story can get you pretty far.

YouTube Sensation Craig Rowin Gets $1 Million Just Because He Asked [ABC] (Thanks to Jesse!)

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