Most People Click On Mobile Ads In Apps Accidentally

No one likes their game of Bedazzle Blast or whatever it may be interrupted by an annoying, floating mobile add popping up on the screen. So it’s really not surprising to hear that most of the clicks those ads get from consumers are accidental.

Listen up, mobile app advertisers — you might want to forgo the pop-up ads and integrate your ad into the game, instead. A survey by Pontiflex and researcher Harris Interactive says that 47 percent of people say when they click on a pop-up add, it’s not on purpose. In addition, 61 percent of the 18-34 age group say that’s the usually what happens.

More evidence on the side of ads that allow users to stay in their game: 71 percent of mobile app users prefer the ads that don’t take them out of the app to a web browser.

Since about 95 percent of users use the free mobile apps, while only 41 percent pay up for ad-free apps, those ads are bound to be somewhere.

“If you are a mobile marketer, why would you run a [cost-per-click] campaign?” Pontiflex’s CEO Zephrin Lasker tells paidContent. “Steve Jobs was right: keep people in the app. The problem with the approach of a lot of mobile advertising is that the old online model has been transferred to the mobile device.”

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