Track Your Tax Return Status With IRS2Go App

The IRS has an official app called “IRS2Go” for iOS and Android that lets you keep track of your tax return’s status after you’ve filed it.

To log in, you have to punch in your Social Security # and the amount of refund you expect to get back. Then it tells you what the status of your refund is and to make sure the IRS has accepted your return after you file it.

Meh. Not super amazing, all it does is port over an existing IRS web page feature, but it’s nice to see the gubmit getting more “appy.”

Unfortunately there is no function for “ABOLISH IRS, LIVE OFF THE GRID AS SOVEREIGN CITIZEN OF MY BUNKER STATE.” Sorry, people who would like that.

IRS2Go [iTunes App Store]
IRS2Go [AppBrain]

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