Bra Sizes Bloom Bigger With Introduction Of New L Cup

Good news for ladies who can’t make do with anything less than a KK cup bra: Lingerie company Bravissimo has introduced a side L, saying women were asking for more cup room.

And it’s not just that women are getting bustier — many might not be wearing the right size in the first place.

Bravissimo spokesman told the Daily Mail: “Our research has shown that up to 40% of women should be wearing a D cup and above — even if they don’t yet know it.”

We’ve heard that from Oprah Winfrey, like a bajillion times, but if women really need a size L, ill-fitting brassieres could truly be a problem. And ladies seem to be realizing this: The New York Daily News says the average bra size in the U.S. is 36DD, when it used to be 36C 10 years ago.

The NYDN quotes Luis Pareles, editor of the Lingerie Journal, who says that women are clued in to their true bra sizes, adding, “An L-size cup is the largest I’ve heard of.”

When we hit Z, someone’s going to have to get control of this thing, before bra size spiral out of control.

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