Verizon Sues Over FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

Unhappy with the FCC’s net neutrality rules that have yet to take effect, Verizon filed suit in a federal appeals court. in December, the FCC ruled that while wireless providers can throttle internet use based on what kind of content users are attempting to access, they can’t block access to competitors. Non-wireless ISPs generally aren’t allowed to throttle internet use.

Wired reports Verizon wants less regulation, and consumer groups who think the FCC’s rules are already too weak are miffed that Verizon is putting up the legal challenge.

A legal rep from media advocacy group Free Press tells Wired:

“Verizon’s decision demonstrates that even the most weak and watered-down rules aren’t enough to appease giant phone companies. It’s ironic that Verizon is unhappy with rules that were written to placate it, and it’s now clear that it will settle for nothing less than total deregulation and a toothless FCC in the relentless pursuit of profit.”

Verizon Files Suit Against FCC Net Neutrality Rules [Wired]

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