Roku Has Your Returned Player For 2 Weeks, Still Won't Issue Refund

Consumerist readers (and editors) seem to love their Rokus, but has anyone in our audience ever tried to return one? June writes that she changed her mind after purchase, and can’t get the company to issue her a refund for the player that she’s already returned.

I love your site, read it every day, and would like it put out the message that people ought to be absolutely sure they want a Roku player before they charge it on their credit card and have it shipped – the return process has not worked for me.

First thing they should know is that telephone support and customer service rep is not easy to work with, not fluent in English. I got the same rep all of the 4 different times I called – do they only have 1?

They acknowledge they received my returned player, but as of yet I have seen no refund, even though it is well past the 15 business days they said to allow. I called last week and was told it would be done within 3 days

My credit card company said to allow one more week and call them back.

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