Are You Getting Your Office Depot Rewards?

Do you use Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards program? Have you been receiving your rewards? Jesse had a problem with his rewards account, and we hope that no other readers have experienced a similar problem. He writes that a customer service rep told him that many customers aren’t receiving any of the rewards in their accounts, and must call in order to have them credited to their accounts.

Last week I called office depot worklife rewards because I didn’t see
one of the 100% back in rewards offers show up in my account.

Yes I know 4-6 weeks to show in the account bla bla -( not a newbie )

Call 1 – I explained the offer is not showing up in my account. She
asked me which offer. The 100% shipping rewards for November 14-20
2010. She said there is no such offer. I asked to speak to a
supervisor. Supervisor was not avail so Supervisor called me back and
left me a message on my machine . “I am not showing any offers in
November for copy, print or shipping.”

Call 2 – I called back tonight with that same question. Rep says yes there is!!
She said for some reason they are not showing up in the accounts and
they are aware of the issue. What is being done to correct it ? She
explained that they are waiting for customers to call in to make the
correction. I said what about the people who forget? She said most
people are expecting it and will call in which is why the call center
is so busy. ( I called in and got told “no such offer” then a
supervisor says “no such offer “) so besides those roadblocks What
about those people that forget??? They won’t get the reward ? She said
“correct” !!

I recorded the second call to get them on record saying there was a promotion.

This is unbelievable! 100% Rewards back is great, if you remember
that they owe you the reward and call to remind them, otherwise you may never get them.

Are you a member of this program? Check you rewards to make sure they’re there.


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  1. anime_runs_my_life says:

    No, and I’m still waiting for the $30 gift card that I “won” for being one of the first 300 to register for their Gift a Day contest they ran from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Calling them does no good. I guess I have two issues to call about today.

  2. 4Real says:

    I gave them some printer cartridges it to like 2 months for it to show up in the rewards thing so I could buy new ones.. they need to update their files faster.

  3. 4Real says:

    I got my $30 gift card like 2 weeks ago. Im guessing you didnt

  4. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    we don’t have an Office Depot here, but we have a Staples. Guess I’m happy there’s no Office Depot here, now that I’ve read this. I always get my Staples Rewards.

  5. r586 says:

    And in a few months/years when there is a class action lawsuit Office Depot will claim it is unnecessary and was just an error they were unaware of but now working hard to fix…..

  6. incident man stole my avatar says:

    Just checked and my purchases are correct but my used toner cartridges are not. I called and they said they are running 2 weeks behind. Thanx for the reminder to double check… next up Staples..

  7. runchadrun says:

    I signed up for a card in the store last fall but couldn’t log into their web site. I finally called and was told that they don’t actually do anything with the paper forms and that you have to call to activate the account. After a few days all of my transactions since I got the card appeared in my account except for toner recycling. All of the recycling credits from September through December finally showed up all at once about a week ago.

  8. FuzzyWillow says:

    I want to go back to bashing Best Buy. Its more fun.

  9. Maxamus says:

    I remember when they used to just give you a ream of paper when you turned in an old ink cartridge, or $2.50 off a new ink cartridge. No cards, no fuss, nothing.

    Now it is get a card, give them all your info, wait 4 to 6 weeks, print out a page and bring it in, blah blah blah.

    • Griking says:

      Yeah? And you still end up getting something for an empty cartridge that you otherwise probably would have just thrown away.

      • One-Eyed Jack says:

        They don’t take my cartridges any more (HP 02). Not real happy about that. It wasn’t a problem until a couple months ago.

  10. italianbaby says:

    i did get my $30.00 gift card for playing that game around the holidays. got it 2 weeks ago.
    i was rather shocked, because even though it said i won. i wasn’t sure i’d ever see the card.

  11. Casey Ahlbum at Office Depot says:

    Thank you for posting Jesse’s complaint. The situation described in Jesse’s comments is quite concerning to me as it does not not represent the way that Office Depot intends to serve our Worklife Rewards members.

    We full intend to provide our members with the rewards that they earned and I would really like to look into this matter to find out what went wrong. I would appreciate it if Jesse would contact me directly to provide contact information along with the Worklife Rewards Member ID so that I can help get the problem fixed.

    Please contact me directly and I will be happy to have one of our Customer Advocates resolve this problem for you.


    Casey J. Ahlbum
    Senior Customer Relations Manager
    Executive Customer Relations

    • James says:

      1. Office Depot is more expensive that Costco for everything they have in stock. With the exception of Office Depot brand products, Costco and Wal-Mart carry EVERYTHING that Office Depot carries.
      2. I used to make a special trip to Office Depot to buy all my office supplies, because of the rewards program. I used to average about $10 or $11 back in rewards each time they’d send out the rewards cards. It was nice if you earned less than $10.00, they would carry your reward points over to the next quarter all the way to the end of the year.
      3. You used to get 10% on paper and ink, 1% back on everything else in the store. Check out the Workliferewards website and read the program changes notification on there. They have now completely done away with rewards on EVERYTHING except paper ink and toner.
      4. The reward points NO LONGER CARRY FORWARD TO THE FOLLOWING QUARTER through the remainder of the year like they used to. If you didn’t earn at least $10.00 in rewards within the 90 day quarter, they expire and are GONE FOREVER.
      6. Doing the math, if you only earn rewards on ink paper and toner, and only get rewarded if you earn $10.00 in points for the quarter, and the points you did earn disappear at the end of the quarter if less than $10.00, you have to spend at least $100.00 in ink paper and/or toner purchases within 90 days in order to get a reward card. Office furniture, computers, software, regular office supplies get you ZERO REWARDS now.

      I understand that a rewards program is designed to reward loyal customers. However, with the way the program has turned greedy, it is not rewarding anyone except big spending customers who buy a lot of paper toner and ink. What about regular shoppers who used to make a special trip to Office Depot so they could earn rewards? Unless you spend $100.00 per quarter on ink, toner and paper at Office Depot, there is no longer a reason to even mess around with this rewards program. It has turned from a fun little thing that made it less of a hassle to make a special trip to Office Depot to a huge annoyance full of red tape, exclusions, and disclaimers.

  12. davidsco says:

    Office Depot is all but dead. They left Massachusetts about 6 years ago, came back, and now are in the process of leaving again. Stores have been closed all over the state without notice. I guess years of POOR customer service, lousy stock, high prices, rebate games and untrained sales personnel has gotten to them. Go figure! Don’t waste your time with them or their “reward program”

  13. nobomojo says:

    I used to use OD from time to time to order stuff for work. for the last 2.5 years, I have not seen any rewards come. And I’ve been entering my worklife rewards number every time.