Guy Allegedly Tunnels Into GameStop To Swipe Video Games

In a heist that was probably narrated by Morgan Freeman, a determined Tennessee man is accused of tunneling into a GameStop in order to pilfer its sweet, unguarded wares in the dark of night.

The Greeneville Sun reports the man made off with $288.55 in cash and $5,342 in merch.

Police arrested the suspect, saying he “forcibly removed the metal back door to an adjacent vacant rental space,” before cutting through the sheet rock wall and entering the store. The man wore a ski mask in order to keep things discreet.

It might have been the perfect plan, except for the fact that he lacked an inconspicuous getaway car. Police easily spotted his passion purple SUV, which was scoped out by security cameras from a nearby Walmart.

Chuckey Man Arrested In Tunneling Break-In [The Greeneville Sun via Switched]

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