How To Switch Your iPhone From AT&T To Verizon And Make Money

Are you an AT&T iPhone 4 owner with Verizon envy? Dan over at MoneyTalks News has formulated a minimally devious, moderately labor-intensive and somewhat risky way of switching carriers and getting a Verizon-capable iPhone and end up in the black.

To summarize, she recommends paying your AT&T early termination fee, buying a new Verizon iPhone 4, then jailbreaking your AT&T iPhone 4 and hocking it on eBay. He says doing all that can net you more than $300, depending on how many months you have left on your contract with AT&T. Jailbroken iPhones sell for a premium, he says, but that could change if more people ditch and sell their AT&T iPhones.

Dan notes that while jailbreaking your phone is no longer illegal, doing so will void the warranty on the device.

What holes and benefits do you see in such a plan?

How to Switch Your iPhone Service to Verizon [MoneyTalks News]

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