Don't Let That New Year's Resolution To Exercise Die Just Yet

Sure, this was going to be the year you worked out five days a week, but you probably haven’t even gone to the gym five times this year. Just because you’ve broken a promise to yourself and Baby New Year that doesn’t mean you can’t call for a do-over and get back to the grind.

Amber at Blonde & Balanced provides a pep talk for staying on that treadmill, enduring its unending hell for the promise of a perceptibly more toned body at some point.

She advises framing exercise as a reward at the end of your day rather than an obligation, so you see a workout as an opportunity to unleash frustration, as well as an opportunity to set aside distractions and meditate, letting ideas develop in your mind.

Once you’re locked into a routine, inertia sets in and you’re more likely to drift to the gym on autopilot, rather than your couch.

What do you do to stay motivated to exercise?

Staying motivated to work out [Blonde & Balanced]

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