QVC 'Sale' Offers Video Game For Double MSRP

If you like the video game Need for Speed: Shift so much that you’ll pay twice what anyone else will sell it to you for, take Jerry’s advice and hit up QVC, which is selling the game for $60 when it costs $30 just about everywhere else, including Amazon.

Jerry, who spotted the non-deal writes:

Finding that I had a QVC gift certificate that was about to expire, I ordered some gourmet popcorn and a copy of Need for Speed: Shift for the PS3.

When I received the game, I found that the box was labeled “Greatest Hits.” This means that the game had sold enough copies and been on the market long enough to have its price cut – typically to $29.95 from an original price of $59.95.

Unfortunately, QVC had charged me the original pre-Greatest Hits price of $59.95.

I tried three times – once by phone and twice by email – to get them to sell me the game at the current MSRP of $29.95. No go. Instead, I have to mail the game back – at my expense – for a refund, and I will pick it up at the correct price at my local GameStop.

If you buy video games, where do you find the best deals?