Vegas ATM Dispenses Gold Instead Of Cash

If you’re sick of just getting plain-old cash out of the ATM, head over to the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, where you can withdraw funds from your account in the form of gold.

From USA Today:

“The GOLD to go” machine spits out 24-karat gold bars from 1 to 250 grams. And it can vend gold coins and bars with the Golden Nugget logo. The cost is constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing gold market. A computer inside the ATM keeps up with current prices.

A rep for the ATM company tells the paper that the price of the gold in the machine is slightly higher than market price. The current cost at the ATM is more than $1,000 per ounce.

And unlike all the other vending machines at the casino that spit out $100 bills for you to take straight to the gaming tables, dealers at the Golden Nugget will not exchange gold for chips.

Las Vegas ATM dispenses gold bars and coins [USA Today]

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