HSBC Just Assumes You Want The $90 Check-Printing Service

Adam never received checks for his new HSBC account, so he stopped by his branch to order some. He must have struck bank employees as the kind of guy who demands nothing but the best, since branch employees handed him the order form for the most expensive checks. The ones that cost $90.

I opened an account, never received checks for it. Went to my branch to ask for them, filled out a request form. (Nothing about cost or money was ever mentioned, I assumed it would be nominal or free.) A few days later I see a “check printing charge” of $90.88(!?) in my account

I called and apparently they have different check printing options, with the one they sent me being their most disgustingly expensive, how convenient to assume your customers only want the best…


This seems particularly over-the-top in an era when a hundred checks lasts the typical consumer a decade or so.

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