$100 Bribe Gets Mysterious Package On JetBlue Plane

Here’s a deal you won’t see JetBlue advertising on its website. All you need to get a mysterious package unaccompanied onto a JetBlue flight is a $100 bill in the hands of a JetBlue ticket agent.

Back in November, TSA agents were doing a test at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. They wanted to see if they could bribe a ticket agent into accepting an unaccompanied package onto a JetBlue flight to Boston. The answer: Yes, they could.

From SeattlePI:

An undercover TSA agent told a JetBlue ticket agent that he needed to get a package to Boston that day and would pay the agent $100.00 for helping. The agent took the $100, put it in his pocket and proceeded to follow the unknown person’s instructions. The ticket agent chose a passenger’s name at random, which just happened to be an unaccompanied minor, and the package went through the screening process with no problems. Although the package was harmless, the TSA pulled the package just before being loaded onto the aircraft.

Speaking to the media, TSA tried to downplay the fright factor of this news: “TSA can assure travelers that, like checked baggage, every package tendered at the airline counter is screened for explosives.”

JetBlue says it is cooperating with the investigation and that “the involved crew member is no longer employed at JetBlue.”

$100 Bribe to Ticket Agent Allows Unknown Package to Fly on JetBlue [SeattlePI.com]

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