So That's Why Reese's Is The Official Candy Of CES

Forget the 3DTVs, 4G phones and tablet computers. The real action at the Consumer Electronics Show is at the Reese’s booth, where the draw is simple, visceral and fattening: free chocolate, courtesy of the Official Candy of CES.

You might ask, why does a consumer electronics trade show need an official candy? In fact, yes, you should ask. And Hershey’s, maker of Reese’s, has an answer, of sorts:

Techies at CES seek out cool innovations like mini-tuners, mini-cams, nano-mice, mini-keyboards, and gotta-have gadgets so small you could fit a fistful in your pocket… So who says that the next, big mini innovation can’t come from a candy company? Reese Minis reflect the best in creative product innovation and ‘on-the-go’ interfacing with user taste buds. And they solve an important issue for techies, too–their size and unwrapped state makes them ergonomically perfect for one-handed internet surfing or tapping out a text message.

We’re not sure about all of that one-handed surfing; we hear there’s another trade show in Vegas this week where they know a little more about that. But we’ll keep quiet about that if they keep handing out free chocolate.

New Reese’s Minis [Press Release]

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