Photos: Day 1 @ CES 2011

Thursday was the official opening day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here are just some of the pics we’ve been sending out to followers of the Consumerist Twitter feed.

Samsung’s 75″ 3D TV:

Please stand behind the white line if you want to see the glasses-free 3D at LG’s booth:

The answer to all the world’s problems — The electric bidet:

This Holga camera is both cool (it lets you take expose only half the frame and then expose the other half) and adorable:

These guys are doing their best to act like they care about a radar detector video:

Meet Windoro, the window-washing robot. But before you get too friendly, you should know he costs around $400:

I created beautiful art on RCA’s interactive TV prototype:

CES security discovers me trying to sneak into Microsoft booth:

I had intended on writing something about these sandals. But then the guy at the booth freaked out because I took a photo:

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