Star Wars Coming To Blu-ray; Greedo Still Shoots First

Fans who’ve been waiting 12 parsecs and more to watch Star Wars in HD video can finally cut their thrusters. All six movies — the three real ones, and the three that kids under 12 refer to as Parts 1-3 — will be available on Blu-ray in September. Pricing for the sets, which were introduced by Darth Vader at the Consumer Electronics Show, will be priced at $139.99 for the six-disc set, and $69.99 for the each three-disc set.

According to Lucasfilm, the sets will include “three additional discs and more than 30 hours of extensive special features including never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes, an exploration of the exclusive Star Wars archives, and much more.” Whether that means viewers will finally get digitally unaltered versions of the films remains to be seen. At CES, Vader vowed that “the forces of the Empire will be at your disposal to assure the success of this endeavor,” which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in a resurgence of Jedi purity.

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