"Chicken Poop" Tops List Of Beauty Products With Ugly Names

I know that when I hear the words “chicken poop,” the first thing I want to do is lather it on my lips. And there’s nothing better than “jizz” for painting my fingernails. Wait — why are you looking at me like that?

See, Chicken Poop is a brand of lip balm, and jizz is a color of nail polish from the folks at BleachBlack. And these are just two of the questionably named items on TheGloss.com‘s list of the 10 Worst Beauty Product Names Ever.

Here are a few other items whose creators either put too much or not enough thought into their names:

* Trailer Trash eye pencil

* Deep Throat blush

* Fat Girl Scrub

Is a name like Chicken Poop so icky that you might actually be curious enough to try using it, or is it just too off-putting?

Which products — not just beauty-related — do you think deserve to be in the bad name hall of shame?

The 10 Worst Beauty Product Names Ever [TheGloss.com]

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