68 Families Evicted Because Landlord Owes $79,000 Water Bill

Terrible: being forced out of your home during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday stretch. Even worse: losing your home because your landlord hasn’t paid the water bill in months. That’s what is about to happen to sixty-eight families in Oklahoma because their out-of-state landlord hasn’t paid the apartment complex’s water bill in months.

“I have $20 in my checking account; I have two children that have been sick for the past three weeks. I barely make minimum wage. I don’t have the money for a deposit,” one young mother complained to reporters.

The city will shut off water to the buildings, and residents will have ten days to find somewhere else to live. They will not receive their deposits back, or a refund of their December rent.

Residents At Tulsa Apartment Complex Given Eviction Notice After Owner Fails To Pay Bill
[News on 6]

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