Most Households Have HDTVs, But Few Care About 3D

Thanks to steady price drops and ubiquity on store shelves, HDTVs have become the norm in American homes, entering 60 percent of households. Those who have gone the extra technological mile to don glasses and buy 3D TVs, though, are still a tiny minority.

Home Media Magazine relays results from a Leichtman Research Group survey that found people know about 3D TV, they just don’t care about it. Despite 80 percent of respondents saying they are aware of the technology, only 8 percent are interested in adopting it. Fewer than 1 percent of households actually have a 3D TV.

What do you think about 3D TV? If you’re not interested in it, is it the price, the glasses, the eye strain or something else that turns you off?

3DTV Interest Modest Despite 60% HDTV Household Penetration [Home Media Magazine via High-def Digest]

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