Personal Finance Roundup

The Best Charities in America [Yahoo Finance] “The best charities in the country.”

8 Job-Getting Tips from a Guy Who’s Hired 500 People in the Past 5 Years [Wise Bread] “Here are eight of his tips and hints for successfully navigating the job interview and hiring process.”

10 things to shop for after Christmas [Frugal Village] “If you didn’t get what you wanted from your holiday wish list, it’s likely that you’ll find it for less during year-end and clearance sales. Here are a few items to look for.”

The 10 Golden Rules of Scam Prevention [MoneyTalksNews] “If you follow the 10 Golden Rules of Scam Prevention, or even some of them, you’ll never be foolishly parted from your money again.”

5 tips to make returning gifts almost as easy as getting them [Consumer Reports] “For hassle-free returns, read the current fine print (policies are a moving target) and review these tips.”


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