Personal Finance Roundup

The Best Charities in America [Yahoo Finance] “The best charities in the country.”

8 Job-Getting Tips from a Guy Who’s Hired 500 People in the Past 5 Years [Wise Bread] “Here are eight of his tips and hints for successfully navigating the job interview and hiring process.”

10 things to shop for after Christmas [Frugal Village] “If you didn’t get what you wanted from your holiday wish list, it’s likely that you’ll find it for less during year-end and clearance sales. Here are a few items to look for.”

The 10 Golden Rules of Scam Prevention [MoneyTalksNews] “If you follow the 10 Golden Rules of Scam Prevention, or even some of them, you’ll never be foolishly parted from your money again.”

5 tips to make returning gifts almost as easy as getting them [Consumer Reports] “For hassle-free returns, read the current fine print (policies are a moving target) and review these tips.”



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  1. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    8 Job-Getting Tips:
    “We take notice when an applicant references our company values.”

    Really? Browsing your website and memorizing that PR drivel is impressive? Is it an indication that you’ve found an unquestioning yes man and team player?

    • Rachacha says:

      Probably more impressive than the applicant not even knowing what the company does and not taking a few minutes to do some research on what the company does. When I am interviewing applicants, there is no bigger turn off to me than the applicant having no clue what the organization does and not listening during my introduction of the company/position they are applying for.

  2. fredbiscotti says:

    Number One Golden Rule for Scam Prevention: The only time I’ve ever been ripped off is when I thought I could get something for nothing.