Cool Tricks You Can Do With That New Android Phone Or iPad

Maybe you unwrapped a new iPad, only to leave it in the box because you aren’t quite ready to take it on. Or perhaps you forced a Droid X on your kindly grandmother, hoping to spread bliss, only to see her cower in fear.

Your new gadgets won’t do you a heck of a lot of good without the knowledge of what they can do for you. Trial and error is the best teacher, but luckily the veteran hands over at Engadget have culled their knowledge into a couple handy start-up guides for the best apps, accessories and tips for both the iPad and Android Phones.

Among the most intriguing finds are Swype, an app that lets you type on your virtual keyboards by moving your fingers from one letter to the next in a connect-the-dots manner, and the Angry Birds games, which are free on the Android Market but $2 and $5 on the iPad.

If you’re new to either device, you’ll probably learn a thing or two by going over the posts. And if you bought an iPod or Android phone for someone else, your gift isn’t complete unless you forward them the appropriate links.

What are your favorite iPad and Android tips?

Just got an Android phone? The best apps, accessories, and tips [Engadget]

Just got an iPad? The best apps, accessories, and tips [Engadget]

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