Are There Advantages Of Switching To A Prepaid Cell Phone?


Prepaid cell phones aren’t only for drug dealers on the HBO show The Wire. Those who rarely talk or text and would rather not be tied to an electronic leash may want to look into prepaid plans. They could be cheaper than monthly plans, and could work for those who are on a tight budget.

In a post on Moolanomy, Miranda lays out the reasons prepaid service work best for her:

In my family, cell phones do not represent the primary communication. We have VoIP for our regular phone, and the cell phones are mainly for when we’re away. My cell phone is a pre-paid, per-minute deal. I rarely need to use my phone, so my per-month cost averages out to right around $4 month. And I like having the phone in case of emergency, or so my husband can reach me when I am not at home.

If you’ve ever used a prepaid cell phone plan, why did it work for you? If you came back to a monthly plan, what made you make the shift?

Is Prepaid Cell Phone Right For You? [Moolanomy]

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