Verizon Tells Us We Can't Return Phone Because We Bought It On A Promotion That's Over

Andrea and her husband took advantage of a Verizon buy-one-get-one-free promotion, taking comfort that if either didn’t like their new devices, they could return them thanks to Verizon’s 30-day guarantee. But the company has refused to let her husband exchange his device because the BOGO promotion had ended.

She writes:

My husband hates his phone from the get go, the touch screen drives him bonkers, he can barely wait for the month to pass and he restrains himself from throwing the phone off a cliff with my pleading – the end is near – get a phone you like honey.

Today was the day of reckoning. We re-enter the store 30 days after the Thanksgiving purchase and after deciding on an exciting Droid Pro my husband gets on line to exchange his phone and finally sleep well at night and work easily all day on his new device. But no such beauty came to pass. Verizon mutilated their words of ‘exchange for $35″ and “there will be no problem”. No No No. They said the promotion for buy one get one free is over so he will have to pay full price for whatever new phone he might like.
OK. The day after Christmas our budget just can’t take it.

He speaks to the manager. Sorry Sir, there’s nothing we can do.

He leaves defeated. I pick him up excited that it was so quick, thinking YES it went so smoothly and took no time at all! I was furious that these dingbats assured of ease and, yes, exchange without problems! What a load of huge baloney!

I called Verizon Wireless on the phone from home and was speaking to a man who seemed to understand and was determined to set things right. Yes finally someone with sense! Fast forward through 1 hour of ‘research’ on the phone with this agent and he calls the store to tell them what’s what. He comes back to the line…uh sorry ma’am they’re right, there’s nothing we can do.

This company empowers it’s salespeople to LIE to the customer to get a sale. They did not for a moment mention that there was a possibility of an issue with the promotion ending, and now we’re both tied into very fancy phones with huge plans which felt OK when we were getting SERVICE, and now feels like the most gigantic rip off because when you get actual ‘crap’ for free, it’s not a deal Verizon Wireless it’s getting over on the people who are feeding you.

Now I remember why I didn’t got a new phone for 5 years. I find them to be a nickle and dime, corporate oriented, service lousy provider that happens to have the best cell tower map.

If you’ve used Verizon, have you encountered a similar brick wall?

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