Microsoft Replaces Defective Netbook, Saves Christmas

Even the biggest and scariest corporations employ compassionate people who put customers first. You just have to find them. David was lucky enough to find one such employee at Microsoft. He received a free Dell netbook after purchasing Office 2010, and set it aside as a Christmas gift for his mom. It was defective. David thought that the gift would be late…until a Microsoft employee went above and beyond, saving Free Netbookmas.

I know you probably get numerous hate emails regarding large corporations like Microsoft, but, in the spirit of Christmas cheer, I figure I’d offer a happy story.

Recently, Microsoft had a promotion where, with the purchase of Microsoft Office 2010, you received a complementary gift of a Dell Mini 1018 netbook. My mom has been complaining for a few months about her aging laptop, so I thought this would be a great deal.

I bought the package deal about a week and a half before Christmas online and received it with their free 2 day shipping. Unfortunately, the netbook appeared defective. The netbook ran fine, but when shook, you could hear a screw rolling around inside the case. I immediately called Microsoft support who informed me that they could send me a return shipping label for the netbook and, after inspecting it to make sure the netbook was indeed defective, they would ship a new one back to me.

Clearly, that would mean no netbook for Christmas morning. Fortunately, they elevated my call to the supervisor, Ron, who decided to bend the rules slightly by sending me a new netbook, free of charge, with my word that I would send my defective one back simultaneously.

Everything worked out perfectly and soon, my mom will be able to surf the web on her new netbook. Ron even called me after they received my defective netbook to confirm they got it and wished my family a Merry Christmas.

I hope you post this story to let people that know big, faceless corporations are still run by people who care.


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  1. MickeyG says:

    Glad it all worked out!
    I had something similar happen with HP when I was in my first year of University. My computer was constantly crashing and it turned out it was the hard drive. Originally they wanted to send me a shipping label to return the computer, and then they’d send me another after it was received – but the CSR was so nice and realized I was a student (who needed a computer and couldn’t even afford a freakin’ box!) and sent me the computer first so I could send the broken one back in the box the “new” one came in :) I’ve bought HP a lot since (my printers, my scanner, my netbook, my parents computers) – and I think it was because of that one nice CSR I got :)

    • colorisnteverything says:

      That’s really, really encouraging. I had a HD crash my senior year of college REPEATEDLY while I was writing my senior thesis (it was 2 and a half years in the making and very stressful). This meant that I was really screwed. Dell could have cared less. It took an entire semester to get me a working computer. First they sent out a tech who installed a defective HD. Then they sent out the same guy who came to my dorm room and verbally abused myself and the tech trying to help him at dell and then just picked up and left before my computer was even whole again. After that, they sent me the WRONG computer 6 weeks later which they couldn’t be arsed to fix. This one broke down 2 weeks later and got so hot sitting on my cool pad that when I picked it up, it BURNED me. I ended up contacting executive support and FINALLY I got the “right” computer. This was just super annoying. I ended up buying an Acer netbook and THAT is now my primary work computer.

    • PsiCop says:

      At one time, “cross-shipping” of that sort was common. I can recall Gateway 2000 (back when it was known by that name and was a somewhat innovative company) cross-shipping a pair of mobos to us, to deal with two defective ones we’d gotten. (We got both PCs The new new mobos were complete … with SIMMs and CPUs included; given these were worth a lot more than the mobos themselves, that seemed pretty generous to us.

      But now that’s the exception, not the rule. But it is nice to see HP will do this on an occasional basis, at least when the situation warrants and the customer’s need is great enough.

  2. PunditGuy says:

    Steve Ballmer’s heart grew three sizes that day.

  3. BrandonSH says:

    Microsoft are changing lately. They’re much more of a friendly company nowadays.

  4. Griking says:

    A free netbook when you buy Office? That’s actually a pretty damn good deal.

    What version of Office did you have to buy?

    • jeffpiatt says:

      the article said it was a deal on office 2010. office 2010 has a ribbon ui for all of the apps and a much better implementation of said ribbon.

  5. HeWhoComments says:

    Say what you will about Microsoft, but they do have some good customer service people. The first step is to get past the Indian call center. They really seem to want to help you, even scheduling times to call you back, but inevitably your call will need escalation for any serious/advanced problem. Once your call gets escalated, it is usually handled by an American (presumably in Redmond). I’ve gotten a free copy of Windows 7 from them, as well as a software patch that was customized to fix something specific on my machine.