Have You Finished Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

I finished all my holiday shopping back before Hanukkah, so I’ll just be chilling out around Consumerist HQ and occasionally playing with a plastic bag. But I am aware that with only hours to go until Santa Claus squeezes his jolly girth down millions of chimneys, many of you humans are still scrambling to do some last-minute shopping.

And since most of the people that normally scratch my neck or tease me with the laser pointer are busy waiting in line (and hoping they don’t get recognized) at Best Buy or Walmart, it’s up to me to check in with the readers to see how you all are doing today.

So are you reading this on your smartphone while some shopper ahead of you refuses to show his ID for a credit card purchase? Or are you at home, sipping eggnog and wrapping up all the presents you purchased for the most important person (or cat) in your life?

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