Best Buy Stuck Me With $63 Worth Of Subscriptions I Didn't Want (Updated)

Paul checked his email to find Best Buy had thanked him for two purchases he didn’t realize he’d made — subscriptions to Kaspersky antivirus and Geek Squad’s “Ask an Agent” service.

The programs, for which he was charged a total of $63, weren’t on his receipt.

Paul writes:

Saturday I went into best buy to purchase an item. At check out I notice that the price seemed higher than on the display, but I thought I had misread the display.
Sunday I received 2 emails from Best Buy thanking me for my subscriptions to Kaspersky AV, and to “Ask a Geek.”

These are not reflected on the receipt.

Kas was $43.00/ year and Geek was 19.95.

I think I managed to get the Kas canceled after speaking to their “subscription department.” That took about 30 minutes on the phone and they would not email me a confirmation, they gave me a case number.

I never did get through to cancel the Geek subscription. I got right into the Geeks on the phone…about a 10 minute wait, then the lady was going to transfer me to an agent that could help me. I stayed on the phone for about 20 minutes, but Hey, I have to work for a living. So I hung up. Heaven knows if I will be able to get that canceled.

Let us know if you’ve been similarly volunteered for Best Buy’s services.

UPDATE: Paul says Best Buy refunded his money.

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