Best Buy Virtually Cuts Up My Credit Card, Won't Let Me Pay By Other Means

Allison’s experience of having her credit card purchase denied by Best Buy online may not be as embarrassing as a head-shaking waiter returning your card after a meal, but it’s every bit as frustrating. Best Buy sent her an email informing her that her credit card wouldn’t go through, but every time she calls to rectify the situation, she’s gets lost in voice mail hell.

She writes:

So I ordered x-mas gifts this weekend and after my order was complete I get an email notice that my cc wasn’t working. It said:

One or more of the payment methods used for your order has failed to process. We need to hear from you before we are able to process your order any further. Please call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) as soon as possible to help us complete your order. If you do not contact us and we are unsuccessful in processing your billing information, your order will be canceled.

I wanted to ensure that the order would get here by x-mas. I’ve been trying to call for 3 days and am placed on hold for 30 minutes or more then just get disconnected. I realize I can cancel and reorder but then I will have to pay MORE for shipping so I can get it in time. I know my cc was entered correctly and I know it works because I have used it elsewhere. Also I can’t IMAGINE that Best Buy wouldn’t finish the checkout process without a valid credit card, because that is just archaic.

I am completely irritated and need to escalate, but have no idea how to manage this.

If you’ve had an online retailer reject your card days after you placed your order, what did you do to set things right?

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