Vote Now For The Worst Holiday Ad Of 2010

Last week, we asked you to vent your frustrations by nominating the most annoying, repetitive holiday-themed commercials of the year, and we heard you loud and clear.

After sifting through all the comments and e-mails, we were able to whittle down the dozens of headache-inducing ads to the five nominees that received the most hate from the readers of Consumerist.

In no particular order, the nominated ad campaigns (click on the bolded titles to see YouTube videos… if you think you can tolerate them) for 2010 are:
Lexus: December to Remember
For years, Lexus has been wrapping big red bows around its cars in an attempt to position them as the ideal holiday present. This year, they’ve featured pricey stunts like stapling a massive stocking to the front of a house or turning the huge pine tree in the front yard into the Christmas tree… to remind those of us who can barely afford to pay our mortgage just how cool Lexus owners are.

Target: Training for the 2-Day Sale
An Amy Sedaris lookalike screeches and pulls a variety of rubber faces as she gets in shape for Target’s doorbuster sales. It’s actually good advice, because it’s never the fit ones who get trampled when the crowds rush in. Caroling Employees
Do we really care what the people who work at are? And aren’t there any employees at the company who can actually hold a tune? Even if they could, the commercial’s bastardized “Jingle Bells” lyrics are enough to make one hit the mute button.

Hyundai: Hipster Holidays
Speaking of “Jingle Bells,” Hyundai apparently decided that having Jeff “The Dude” Bridges as its spokesman wasn’t cool enough and hired twee YouTube sensations Pomplamoose to record versions of this song and other holiday classics that make you pine for the humble beauty of elevator music.

Best Buy: Kenneth the Elf
Remember that smug jerk in those old Encyclopedia Brittanica ads? Now imagine him as a poorly animated elf who shills for Best Buy and you can clearly see why this ad campaign made it through to the final five nominees.

Voting will close at 5 p.m. ET on Wed. 12/22 and the winning loser will be announced on Thursday morning.


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  1. snarkysniff says:

    I hate the Target commercial but I actually like the Hyundai commercial!

    • Halliday says:

      I agree that I like the singing Hyundai hipsters. It’s cute.

    • RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

      The singing hipsters make me want to punch myself. Do they have carpet in the garage? Is the car in their living room? What are they doing and why do they cut a beat out of every line of the song? And also, I keep wishing the car were running and while they were thinking they were being hip, they were slowly getting sleepy…

      • SecretShopper: pours out a lil' liquor for the homies Wasp & Otter says:

        lol +1

      • theirishscion says:

        There’s actually a YouTube video on the Hyundai page addressing the cut beat, they evidently had to do it to fit the song into the 30 second slot.

        And I must admit, I loved those Hyundai ads. Turned me on to Pomplamoose.

    • KTrenholm says:

      I wouldn’t mind the Hyundai commercial but they play it on every commercial break at least once for the past 3 weeks or so. I didn’t mind it and actually kind of liked it but the repetition got to me.

    • NotYou007 says:

      I hate the Hyundai commercial. I hit the mute button every single time and turn away because if I didn’t I would no longer have a TV. I really want to punch the person(s) who created that ad.

    • fourclover54 says:

      I love Pomplamoose – I’ve bought a few of their songs and was planning on getting their Christmas album. But I also don’t watch TV on a regular basis, and could understand how the repetitiveness could get to someone.

  2. Tim says:

    For me, it’s a tie between the hipster Hyundai one and the Best Buy one. Although the Overstock one is pretty close.

    • RxDude says:

      I am not hipster scum, thus I have no interest in ever buying a Hyundai.

    • lim says:

      The Overstock one doesn’t seem as bad to me as the Marshals/TJ Maxx.

      Either the singing shoppers brought their M/TJM bags into the mall (why would they do that?) or else the stores are located in the mall (in which case why are they chastising the other shoppers for being in the mall?). Either way, the smug singing smegheads don’t know what the other shoppers bought or what they paid for it, so what makes them think that shopping at M/TJM would have worked for them?

      I realize it’s a commercial, but GRRRRRrrrrr!

  3. Shenanigans Was Taken says:

    You best be joking about listing Pomplamoose on this list. Right … RIGHT?!? :(

    • richcreamerybutter says:

      They aren’t fooling anyone with that schtick. I physically recoil when those ads run!

    • 339point4 says:

      Agreed. I love the Pomplamoose ad!

    • DrGirlfriend says:

      I agree with their being on this list. And “twee” is exactly the right word to describe that ad.

    • cameronl says:

      I LOVE Ms. Dawn of Pomplamoose, and Mr. Conti is an excellent arranger and goofball. They doesn’t deserve to be on this list!

    • lawnmowerdeth says:

      Once I learned their name in the nomination thread, the hipster hate grew even more.

    • RobHoliday says:

      I went for days with:

      Fa la la la la (beep beep) la la la la…

      in my head.

    • RobHoliday says:

      It’s amazing how polarizing Pomplamoose is. You either love them, or hate them. As for me, I think Nataly Dawn has incredibly hypnotic eyes and a wonderful voice. Mr. Conti is very lucky to have found not only someone who is so beautiful, but so musically talented too.

      • Wombatish says:

        She sings like a robot.

        And the cuts to him playing the drums (sort of poorly) are jarring.

        Sorry, I guess I just don’t get it.

        If I want someone who can sing like a robot (and rock it) I’ll just go dig out some of my old Nina Hagen. At least she has range, since she does the exact same thing (she plays the role of every vocal track on many of her songs, they’re fascinating to listen to again once you know that).

    • dangermike says:

      Here’s my take on it:

      The main put-off in the hyundai ad is the forced “I’m so ALT” attitude. It’s like that at&t ad a few years ago with the people riding bicycles in an empty loft. The guy’s put-on over-excitment is just annoying. An unkempt 30-something trying to act like a 6 year old child is just off-putting. No two ways about it. The chick isn’t SO annoying in the ads but after being directed to their you tube stuff, I can’t stand her anymore, either. She looks and sounds like stage fright. She is a wax figure. Has absolutely no attitude. I’ll admit her pitch is good but her refusal to project displays a level of talent that can be found in every room of a karaoke parlor in any town with a population that would support a parlor dedicated to karaoke. It’s non-talent. It personifies the hipster creed of anti-talent. And that is why it is so despised.

  4. RobSmalls says:

    So much dross, yet only one vote…

  5. sheldonmoon69 says:

    Pretentious is annoying. Lexus.

    • wootbot says:

      “Surprise honey. I went out and got a new car for you without giving you any input into the choice of make, model, color, or accessories. What’s that you’re saying? That I’m a vapid, chauvinist douchebag because I obviously don’t give a crap about your needs, preferences, or opinions one little bit? Well, I am a Lexus buyer. Enjoy being stuck with it for the next 3 years. Happy holidays”.

    • ARP says:

      Yes, but remember, we must make sure rich people have plenty of money, so they can buy things, and then we might get some very small indirect benefit from their greed and pretentiousness.

  6. Brie says:

    Sorry I missed the nominations for this, since my personal rager is the jewelry ad, cabin in the woods, woman is OMGSCARED of thunder and hides on man’s shoulder, but he’s all ITSOK I WILL NEVR LEAVE U PLUS I HAZ TEH DIAMONZ.

    • hotdogsunrise says:

      So. True. I don’t know what us women would do without men to protect us and buy us jewelry.

    • RxDude says:

      That one is particularly egregious, but any jewelry commercial could qualify for this vote.

      • Brie says:

        Then there’s the nursing mom: “what are you doing up?” “It’s our first Christmas as a family and I HAZ DIAMONZ.” Ad finishes with mom saying she’ll never forget this Christmas.

        I told Mr Brie that I remember nothing about our first Christmas with our squirmy screamy sleepless firstborn; therefore he failed in not giving me jewelry.

    • tailspin says:

      totally. not to mention the fact that his delivery of his line makes him look like a crazed stalker.

      • Kishi says:

        Yes! I always thought that ad started out originally as a horror film, where he was going to murder her, but then they had to shop it around and turned it into a jewelry commercial.

    • Qantaqa says:

      And then she gives “jewelry face.” Thank you, Sarah Haskins. (For those of you who don’t know:

    • MB17 says:

      My favorite part about that commercial is that Manly McMan acts like he’s somehow protecting her: “it’s okay! I’m here!” Really? You’re physically preventing the storm from hurting her? And here I thought it was the fucking log cabin. Great job ad wizards.

    • AK47 - Now with longer screen name! says:

      Moral of the story: My irrational fear of thunder can only be calmed by a douche in a turtleneck bearing diamonds. How did this one miss the list?

      This is one of a very small sample of commercials that fills me with instant rage.

    • whysteriastar says:

      Thunder is so scary! Thank god for men and jewelry. Seriously, how is this not on the list?

    • ames says:

      I can’t believe that commercial wasn’t on this list. It is VILE. I want to punch both of them, and I’m not a punching type of person.

  7. Wraith says:

    For those who don’t recognize the “crazy Target lady”, it’s comedian Maria Bamford. She did similar ads for Target last year, too. (And I actually kind of like them. She plays “slightly unhinged” pretty well.)

    • Mecha-Shiva says:

      I don’t care for the ads, but she’s one of my favorite stand-up comedians (comediennes? is that still a word? but anyway, she’s one of my favorites, regardless of geneder)

      • hotdogsunrise says:

        She makes me wonder what her real voice is like… I don’t follow her that much, but she does voices so well, I have a hard time knowing what her real voice actually is.

    • DrGirlfriend says:

      “An Amy Sedaris lookalike” made me cringe. Maria Bamford is a very well-regarded comedian, and she is awesome. The ad may not be for everyone, but show a little respect, Consumerist!

    • Angus99 says:

      That blows my mind. I’m a huge Bamford fan (her videos on Superdeluxe are hilarious) and I would never have recognized her. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • UltimateOutsider says:

      Yep, I can’t hate anything she does. I like those ads just because it’s her.

    • superberg says:

      I was going to say the same thing. Maria Bamford has been doing standup for at least a decade. She’s had two Comedy Central showcases and has put out several albums. I know she isn’t a household name, but “Amy Sedaris Lookalike?” How can you know who Amy Sedaris is and NOT Maria Bamford?

  8. FuzzyWillow says:

    Sorry, cannot help – I haven’t watched a TV commercial since I discovered bit torrent.

  9. Battlehork says:

    For some reason my dad would go on and on about how the Hyundai Hipsters were probably some kind of Canadian infiltration of lameness whenever that commercial came on, but it turns out they’re from California. Which I’m sure is just as bad if you ask him.

  10. phira says:

    All of those obnoxious Best Buy elves grind my gears.

  11. miggles says:

    Death to the hipsters.

  12. qbubbles says:

    :( I heart Pomplamoooose!

  13. backinpgh says:

    I LOVE the crazy Target lady!

  14. michelelyl says:

    I have to agree with several other posters…I like Pomplamoose!
    I HATE the stupid Lexus commercials- always have. A car is a crappy gift for Christmas, anyways, unless the buyer pays cash…it’s not really a ‘gift’ it’s a debt.

    • Qantaqa says:

      This. Even if I were to get a completely paid off car for Christmas, there’s no way I could afford the gas, the insurance, the general upkeep, the fuzzy dice, etc. However, if anyone wants to give me a car, I will not say no. *looks around hopefully*

  15. Arcaeris says:

    God I hate that Best Buy elf.

    He’s like the snarky ass “Buying shit? Maybe you’ve heard of a tiny little store called, uh, lemme see, what was it… BEST BUY?!?!” in character form.

  16. TacomaRogue says:

    While the Target commercials are kind of annoying, I can’t help but laugh when I watch them because I know people like that.

    I hate the Hyundai commercial though, there is something about that girl that makes me just want to punch her in the face.

    The Best Buy elf ones freak me out, particularly the one with the talking snowman. It just seems so angry and the elf seems like a smug little d-bag.

  17. TalKeaton: Every Puzzle Has an Answer! says:

    I wish I could vote for the Target AUDIO ads that have been appearing on Pandora (and I suspect are probably on actual radio). Lady sings horribly, HORRIBLY off-key (Overstock’s isn’t that bad by comparison), and the ad touts that Target has everything you need to “win Christmas”.


    That ad makes me want to punch something. Preferably Target.

    • photoguy622 says:

      I just heard that ad this weekend. It was awful on so many levels! I would rather listen to eBay Jingle Bells a million times.

  18. JMH says:

    It’s gotta be those crappy Target commercials, I don’t see why you’re even bothering with four other nominees.

  19. Katty says:

    I didn’t know they were a actual group, Pomplamoose. I kinda like her voice, actually makes me want to look at more of their stuff.

    Lexus is just pretentious, but that’s their deal.

    Overstock just seems insincere. It’s just kinda a forced ‘Happy Holidays’ from $company. No big deal, either.

    Target… oh, Target. The commercial wasn’t funny to me, but I didn’t hate it. It’s just a “Heh, cute.”

    Kenneth needs to be stopped, reading what others have said, he does come off as a pretentious… abberation.

    • 339point4 says:

      I read comments after writing up my own response list but now realize that I shouldn’t have bothered and just replied “ditto” to yours.

  20. richcreamerybutter says:

    The worst part about the Lexus ad is how the VO begins: “Let’s be honest…” The script makes no sense! However (as I’ve mentioned before), if my eyes are correct, they seem to have cast not one but perhaps two interracial couples other than the WM-AF combination you usually see? If so, they get points for this.

    I’m also offended by the usual “wimminfolk in the kitchen kickin’ it with their gross scented candles” crop of ads. They just recycle scripts from yogurt ads and replace the office with the kitchen, and yogurt with candles.

  21. HaveSomeCheese says:

    How about any HHgregg commercial with that stupid rolled up talking ad

  22. AllanG54 says:

    Every time the Hyundai commercials come on I want to smack the both of them and my wife, my mother, my brother-in-law and my mother-in-law all own Hyundais. I myself had one a few years back as well.

  23. TC50327 says:

    The Best Buy ad makes me regret that Maya 3D got so cheap anyone could afford it.

  24. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I hate the jewelery commercial (I think it’s national) where the woman sees her man through the window – and he drops a pendant from his palm just like Christopher Walken does in Catch Me if You Can. It’s so crass.

  25. 339point4 says:

    1. Lexus: I don’t mind these commercials at all. They’re well done and I really don’t think they’re suggesting anyone go run out and buy a Lexus as a gift for someone. It’s a fantasy, and they’ve been doing it every year for a long time. As a commercial, I’d say it’s a success – everyone knows the brand of car that has the big red bow at Christmas – and, though it may fall short of enjoyable, is not at all annoying.

    2. Target: annoying.

    3. Overstock: eh. If those are real employees, what a thrill to see themselves on tv.


    5. Best Buy: Oh dear lord make it stop. This one gets my vote. If I ever watched live TV as opposed to fast forwarding through recorded shows, I would definitely change channels to avoid this one. Worst holiday ad ever.

    • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

      Pomplamoose: because they have just a smidge of talent.

    • Peacock (Now In Extra Crispy) says:

      Re: the Overstock spot. One of the comments on YouTube cracked me up. Something about Man the harpoons. Mean, but sadly, true.

  26. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen ANY of these…

    • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

      I’ve seen the Overstock one (on the escalator) but not the others – and I watch way too much TV. Maybe it’s regional.

  27. EdnaLegume says:

    I don’t even care that my husband earns his paycheck via Hyundai.. that’s the most aggravating commercial since mentos in my book.

  28. Ben Popken says:

    I actually like the Hyundai one. I think Best Buy’s is really disturbing and creepy. Oh making toys altruistically is second-tier, what you really want is to be working on commission at Best Buy!

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      My gripe? CHRISTMAS IS CANCELED UNLESS WE HAVE GIFTS! Say it isn’t so! Being nice to people and spending time with family are SO LAST YEAR! It’s all about the $$$ this year!

      (This, in general, is what I hate about Christmas, period.)

  29. Tim says:

    I bet Hyundai hired Poopymoose so that the hipster would like them. Judging by these comments, it’s working.

  30. DuncanBleak says:

    That smug elf is annoying, but the Target ad is the worst.

  31. Munchtime says:

    I have nothing against Pomplamoose, but everything about the commercial somehow grates on me. I don’t like whatever it is they do to her voice….

    • dangermike says:

      It’s a harmonizer. Basically, a pitch shifting effect that mixes the effect signal back with the original signal. In this case, it sounds like they dialed in to a diatonic 5th to sound like a back up singer. To me, it make sound more like she’s singing through train whistle.

  32. Bigbadbull says:

    Why no Acura ad’s
    You know the one that are making fun of style at any expense ads, the Italian Chest nut roster, or Real Reindeer… Sub Nodric Spruce.

  33. Thyme for an edit button says:

    O, O, O, the big, big O… can’t stand it!

  34. _UsUrPeR_ says:

    I voted for the Target ad because the actress they are using absolutely incenses me. I wish you had used the more annoying commercial though. You know, the one where she is singing to the cards while mugging like a tool? I have no idea why it makes me angry, but I think it was a mix of the fact that the cards changed their tone as they repeated their “Christmas is here” message, along with her final intonation of “Rum tummy tum”. It made me punch my cat. I love my cat!

    • ganzhimself says:

      I forget what I was watching when this ad was displayed at what seemed like every commercial break, but after the fourth or fifth time I saw it I nearly lost my shit. Never has a commercial made me so angry before.

    • crunchberries says:

      Yes! I was wondering why they didn’t choose that commercial myself; it drives me nuts every time I see it. I think most of my ire comes from the fact that there are plenty of jerks who would do that in a Target even without the commercial encouraging them.

  35. Kentankerous says:

    It’s rare that I agree with ALL the selections being on the worst list, but this time I do. Although that Pomplamoose one stands out as being worser (worsiest?).

  36. katknits says:

    That Target hag makes me want to throw a brick through my television. The ads last year were far more annoying, but I was really hoping she wouldn’t make another appearance. I. HATE. HER. To those who find her amusing…. I think there is medication for that.
    The thing I dislike most about the Overstock commercial is they used people who *can’t sing,* and it sounds terrible!

  37. yessongs says:

    Any car commercial is just poor taste when so many people are out of work (me included) and cannot purchase Christmas presents let alone a new car.

  38. fruchick says:

    All the effort to seem comedy-literate by dropping Amy Sedaris’s name was negated by the fact that you guys don’t recognize Maria Bamford. So close, and yet…

  39. MuffinSangria says:

    OMG, I was going to nominate the Hyundai ad for the regular worst commercial contest. Don’t like any of them, but that is only one I can’t tune out. It’s just that annoying. Her voice just makes me want to punch something.

    Why isn’t the TJ Max/Marshals commercial in there? Where they are singing through the mall telling everyone how they are paying too much.

  40. JulesNoctambule says:

    Oh, man. . .hipsters or women-shopping stereotype? I’m just spoiled for choice here;

  41. NumberSix says:

    Lexis for sure.

    “Oooh! Yeah! A tarted up Camry!”

  42. The cake is a lie! says:

    That Hyundai one makes absolutely no sense. For this list, it is the clear winner of the worst.

    For everybody talking smack about people giving a car for christmas, hey… stranger things have happened. Not everybody in this country is struggling financially right now and to be jealous of the luxury brands which target their advertising to them is pretty small of you. Get over it. No, I’m not going to go out and buy a Lexus for my wife for Christmas, but the commercial isn’t bad just because it targets people who can.

  43. JohnJ says:

    For me, the worst is a local Hyundia dealer’s commercial. A dancing hip-hop santa sings “santa has a new ride, santa has a new ride, santa has a new ride…”

  44. MB17 says:

    Time Out! I know this isn’t a holiday commercial, but it just MAKES ME SO MAD! I must relieve my steam valve. RARRGGHH URGGLE!

    What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck! It’s just cologne! What’s this business about “I’m not going to be who everybody expects me to be anymore”? Why do the damn walls fall down? Why is this guy worthy of a press conference? Take that stupid blue lens of the camera! I’m outraged! OUTRAGED!

  45. DJSeanMac says:

    That Encyclopedia Brittanica kid vents his emotional issues on youtube now:

    This went viral a few years ago, but still as creepy as ever. It almost works as another prequel for Paranormal Activity.

  46. Tom Servo says:

    My ranking …

    1. Target – far and away the worst. Over-exaggerated and not funny. Painful to watch.

    2. Lexus – yeah, it’s a luxury vehicle and their ads are supposed to be pretentious

    3. Best Buy – not really annoying, it just didn’t stand out in any good or bad way. Very forgettable.

    4. Overstock -not great, but has a nice “everyday person” charm. They aren’t professional actors/singers, and they don’t try to fake it or hide it.

    5. Hyundai – doesn’t deserve to be here. The ad was very well done.

  47. daveinva says:

    The Hyundai ad is the worst on this list, but I’m shocked that the nominations didn’t capture what is indeed the worst ad this season: the Verizon “Jingle Bells/Our House’ mashup.

    Jingle Bells, I get… but Our House? Really?? WTF does that song have to do with anything?

    It’s like Verizon went to their ad company and requested the most annoying jingle bug possible just to deliberately stick in our heads.

    “Hmmm… how about Little Drummer Boy and Ice, Ice Baby?”

    “No, I really think we need to run with the Wonderful Christmas Time / Tom’s Diner mashup.”

  48. Hungry Dog says:

    I vote for that soul sucking elf.

  49. CaptainSemantics says:

    I must admit that I haven’t seen the Hyundai ad, as TV and I don’t mix. (Bit Torrent FTW.) But I’m a bit confused as to why we’re calling Pomplamoose hipsters. Their style isn’t exactly hipster faire.

  50. RobHoliday says:

    It’s amazing how polarizing Pomplamoose is. You either love them, or hate them. As for me, I think Nataly Dawn has incredibly hypnotic eyes and a wonderful voice. Mr. Conti is very lucky to have found not only someone who is so beautiful, but so musically talented too.

  51. anchorworm is really sick of Minnesota weather says:

    First time I saw the Hyundai commercial, I asked my wife “what the hell is this crap?” A couple of hours later I caught myself singing the song and thinking about the commercial, which led me to actually look up Pomplamoose. So I guess as a time delay spot the ad is pretty good. Every time I see the Best Buy spot, however, I think that if I ever set foot in one of their stores again, I hope someone beats some sense back into me and drags me away. Best Buy worst ad.

  52. ctcatfur says:

    I voted for the Target commercial (so glad that promotion was short-lived) but the Hyundai one I’m not loving either.

  53. russbii says:

    I voted for the hipsters. I hate the guy in those ads so much. I want to hate the woman, but i can’t… something about her screams awkward but confident… I’m entranced by her…

    Those ads are like a trainwreck… i want to run away, mute, fast forward… but i just can’t….

  54. horns says:

    I normally don’t care enough to vote. In fact, I never have once before. However, Hyundai: Hipster Holidays commercial is SO ANNOYING that I felt the need to express myself.

  55. coolteamblt says:

    Awww, I love the Target commercial. Something about her manical smile makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

  56. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    I was actually excited to see Pomplamouse get their corporate debut with hyundai! :)

  57. Miraluka says:

    The Target commercials are annoying, to be sure. Lexus is just being themselves and targeting their demographic. Hyundai is annoying just because it’s overly hipster, but not awful enough to win this list. Best Buy ad isn’t terrible, but it’s Best Buy so people hate it. I haven’t seen the Overstock one.

    FYI: It’s Maria Bamford in the Target commercials. She’s a pretty well-known stand-up comic.

  58. nopirates says:


    any ad that shows an overpriced toyota with a giant bow on it gets my vote.

  59. poetworm says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen any of these, goes to show how much TV I watch these days. After watching them here though, I can say that they’re all pretty annoying. The Lexus commercials are so unrealistic, the Target commercial is annoying, and any commercial that changes the lyrics to Christmas songs just plan sucks. Also, damn hipsters, what a faux “counterculture”.

  60. indiecognition says:

    no hhgregg “singing ad” ad?

    At least Pomplamousse made the cliche Christmas songs a little original and less annoying than usual. But hhgregg’s ad was enfuriating the first time I saw it.

  61. gman863 says:

    I want to see the elf crushed to death by a heard of reindeer.

  62. kimmie says:

    I now give you… the BEST holiday ad. EVAR. It makes me weepy after 30 years.

    • Peacock (Now In Extra Crispy) says:

      My Dad loved Eat ‘n’ Park. He ate there a lot after Mom died. But he insisted it should’ve been called Park ‘n’ Eat, since you parked and then ate.

      But that was Dad.

  63. kimmie says:

  64. MedicallyNeedy says:

    My ears prick up for Hyundai: Hipster Holidays.
    Something definitely subliminal in it!

  65. BethM says:

    The overstock commercial makes me want to punch somebody in the face. It wouldn’t have been half as bad if the volume/equalization wasn’t so weird on it. They sound like they’re whisper/singing yet their vocals are way too loud for the background music. It’s just weird.

  66. Kimbeegrin says:

    That Vampire Weekend Honda commercial drives my dad INSANE because they play it constantly and on the radio as well! He literally said “I will throw that f#$king TV out the window if I hear that song again.”

    • qbubbles says:

      THIS! I absolutely HATE Vampire Weekend. You wanna call something “Hipster”, its the fucking Honda commercials!!!!

      • Anonymously says:

        This is by far the worst commercial, I’m sad that it didn’t make the cut because Honda needs to be punished for the pain they’ve inflicted with it.

  67. ironflange says:

    The worst Lexus ad ever is from a few years ago. Mummy and Daddy are at the table with Daughter, and Daddy says to Daughter, “We decided to get you a new CD player” as he opens the blinds, revealing a Lexus festooned with the obligatory giant red ribbon. Daughter runs outside and daces around the car as the curtain falls on the happy scene. I kept hoping to hear Daddy yell out, “Yeah, your CD player is in the trunk of Daddy’s new car, let me come and get it out for you.”

  68. Dylanna25 says:

    I like the Hyundai commercials. Target commercial was awful the first time I saw it. Lexus ads are always annoying, so this isn’t special. Otherwise, I wasn’t particularly bothered by the rest. Nothing jumps out like that horrible Quiznos ad from the earlier competition.

  69. jedifarfy says:

    Hyundai, hands down. Not only is it on ALL THE EFFING TIME, I’m just SO SICK of her voice. I love me some indy bands, but I mute it every time now. Can’t stand hearing her voice any more.

  70. baquwards says:

    What’s with the hipster hatred. I’ve yet to have a bad hipster experience, not sure what horrible things they have done to humanity.

    The Lexus commercials have always annoyed me, they just seem kind of pretentious.

  71. KrispyKrink says:

    For me, it’s the Target ad. The message I got from it is that Target wants everyone to become a neurotic, mentally deranged danger to society to shop in their store. Thus, I have not and never will set foot in a Target store for the rest of my natural life.

  72. Bob says:

    The Lexus commercial grates on me a bit more this year since I know of people losing jobs and having to take crap job (jobs where their minimum wage check bounces).

    I think Hyundai commercial with Pomplamoose is…cute. I think they are really cute. Then again they remind me of two of my best friends so I can’t hate them.

    The Overstock one is forgettable. I tune it out on a regular basis when I get around to watching TV.

    The Best Buy commercial is annoying to me.

    I would have to say the Target commercial is the most ridiculous and most thought-proving Christmas ad ever. It shows what Christmas is about in America for a lot of people, all about money and things and stress. If you can’t (or won’t) be with your family then I suggest getting drunk (safely) with your friends, if you have any. In this case the only gifts you should be wrapping it some good quality adult beverages. Friends and/or Family should be the main focus of Christmas or whatever. If you are the Christian religious type forget the last 5 sentences and go to church, it will do you a world of good. If everyone did that most everyone would be happier (you can’t please everyone).

  73. sardonumspa says:

    I hate the consumerism around the holidays, but I find the Target lady oddly attractive…

  74. HoJu says:

    Marshalls/TJ Max carolers wandering the mall with their HORRIBLY attempts at rhymes and rhythms.

  75. elislider says:

    I love those Target ads. Maria Bamford is hilarious

  76. FenrirIII says:

    I hate that robot woman singing in those hipster commercials.

  77. nato0519 says:

    HHGregg’s…..”And $199 Tvs!!

  78. Peacock (Now In Extra Crispy) says:

    Target, Target, Target!!!! I hate that biatch with the fire of a thousand flaming suns. My ears and eyes literally close when this one plays. And what I don’t get is why this is so bad, so irritating when all of Target’s other stuff is so good and so entertaining and so easy to pick out from the rest of the sludge that passes for TV commercials these days.

    They must be using a different agency.

    Why they keep reupping the actress in these spots astonishes me. She’s a major annoyance and drives me to change the channel, leave the room, avoid Target.

    Not a good thing.

  79. narcs says:

    Hate Target. Hate it.

    Lexus – that’s not that woman’s family. is catchy – forlift driver is a bit overstocked himself.

    Hyundai – hate it too. set the girl up to look like zooey daschenel to sell cars.

    Best Buy – okay. much better than the stupid singing and dancing mom commercial when she gives her kid the gift.

    Target is by far the worst.

  80. Amy says:

    I love Pomplamoose, and it’s why I hate that they did that commercial. What about the words from “Always in the Season” and their plug for giving gifts to charity instead of gifting to our peeps who already have money? I hated seeing them prostitute themselves like that. I can only hope they use the money for good. Also, the Target lady? I didn’t realize that was on tv, thought it was just a recurring nightmare I was having in my head.

  81. DAK says:

    Let’s be real…the Pomplamoose girl has a nerdy kind of hot going on. No way they’re the worst.