Here's One Gift For That Child You Hate And Want To Scare The Bejeezus Out Of

Be glad it’s 2010 and not 1890, if only for the fact that your child (or niece/nephew, or precocious sidekick) will not be asking for one of Thomas Edison’s talking dolls.

The dolls, which Edison called his “little monsters,” look innocent enough (we’re assuming the one on the left is merely missing her outfit and not supposed to look like a cyborg). But the sounds, courtesy of a miniature phonograph placed inside the torso, that came out of these dolls was from the depths of hell.

Just listen to this sample recording, posted on, of “Little Jack Horner” and try to imagine a toddler not being scared poopless.

We can almost imagine that voice coming out of this creepy Snickers lady costume.

Even scarier, these hi-tech terrors cost about a month’s salary when they were first sold. Not exactly Teddy Ruxpin.

Christmas Toys Gone Wrong: Hear Edison’s Talking ‘Monster’ Doll []

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