Are Upper-Crust Schools Worth The Expense?

It’s impossible to definitively say whether or not the benefits of a degree from an elite college justify the expense.

The New York Times tackled the issue in a story last week, weighing research from the likes of Barron’s, which found that graduates from highly selective schools make 40 percent more than the least selective universities a few years after graduation.

Such studies, of course, can’t account for lucky breaks, personal initiative and intellect.

The most telling quote comes from sociologist professor:

“Prestige does pay,” he said. “But prestige costs, too. The question is, is the cost less than the added return?”

His answer was one he said he knew families would find maddening: “It depends.”

Let’s put the question up for debate: Do you think paying higher tuition for top schools justifies the potential returns students will see in their careers?

Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost? [The New York Times]

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