Walmart Manager Opens Up His Own Business… With $250K Worth Of Allegedly Stolen Items

As avaricious as Walmart is, we’re sure that the company would be at least mildly amused at the idea of one of its store managers taking the initiative to begin his own business selling similar products. But we’re guessing that Big W isn’t exactly thrilled if said manager uses $250,000 worth of stolen Walmart property as his inventory.

Following an investigation, a Walmart store manager in Las Vegas has admitted to heisting $10,000 worth of electronics from his former employer and selling them on the internet. But the retail giant believes he is responsible for around 25 times that amount of theft over a period of two years.

According to reports, the 31-year-old former manager would stash the wares — computers, GPS systems, video game consoles, TVs — in a rented storage unit before sending them out to customers who had ordered them online.

When the police searched the storage unit, they found 54 GPS systems and a binder detailing the 150 or so orders he’d shipped out in the two months before his arrest.

Ex-Walmart manager jailed in theft of $250,000 in goods [Las Vegas Journal Review]

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