Monitored Alarm System Won't Stop Break-Ins, Company Won't Let Me Out Of Contract

Jules says ADT’s alarm system isn’t responding to repeated break-ins at his aunt’s property. She wants out of her 3-year contract, but can’t get the company to let her off the hook.

Jules writes:

My aunt’s husband passed away on 10/31 of this year. He had some unsavory friends so to protect his house while she was dealing with everything a death brings, had ADT install an alarm system. Since that time the house has been broken into repeatedly. No phone calls from ADT have ever been made to alert her. Instead she finds out when she checks on the house or the neighbors call her. Just yesterday another daytime break-in occurred.

The sales rep that sold her all this “security” has been to the house and found nothing wrong with the system. Obviously something somewhere is wrong. At any rate – my aunt simply wants to have the system moved to her house or for them to cancel the contract. She will eat the 1000.00 installation cost but now has a nearly empty, trashed house to deal with and a 3 year contract that doesn’t secure anything.

The sales rep has been unhelpful, his boss is not returning phone calls and my poor aunt is just exhausted, grieving and broke. I am taking this burden from her and using all the tools at my disposal for some kind of resolution. Does anyone out there have helpful information or e-mail addresses for the ADT Execs?

If you use a home security system, what do you recommend to Terry? Any tips on how to get out of a security contract are also welcome.

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