Mark Cuban Tries To Shut Down Bowl Championship Series

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is attempting to bankroll a college football playoff system with $500 million. Trying to gather support from university presidents and state senators, his goal is to undermine the Bowl Championship Series. The legally scrutinized entity pits the champions of six conferences, as well as four at-large teams selected by computer and human rankings, into a series of meaningless exhibition games that concludes with a national championship.

CBS Sports reports Cuban’s plan is to offer participating schools financial incentive to commit to participate in a playoff format if they’re selected.

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott tells CBS Sports that Cuban’s plan will fail, because schools won’t be swayed by money:

“It speaks to the power and popularity of college football that a successful businessman and innovator like Mark Cuban would have this level of interest in investing in college football.

“But the fact is that college football has never been more popular in its current format, and it’s a mistake to assume the impediment to a playoff is money. We could get a lot more money tomorrow from lots of folks by moving to an expansive playoff; this is about a broader set of priorities benefiting schools and student-athletes.”

How virtuous of the Pac-10 and the other power conferences, always thinking of its student-athletes.

It seems just about anyone who likes college football and isn’t on the BCS payroll wants to see a playoff. What do you think it will take to make it happen?

BCS boss downplays Cuban’s interest in paying for playoff [CBS Sports]

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