OtterBox Replaces iPhone Case With No Questions, Amazes Customer

Andrew’s OtterBox Defender case (not pictured) for his iPhone 3Gs protects his phone tirelessly, but it’s seen better days. After using it for about a year, he noticed some ordinary wear problems with the case, including a missing headphone jack flap. When he contacted the company about their warranty requirements, they simply turned around and shipped him a new case.

I’m an iPhone 3GS owner, and from day one my iPhone has been in an OtterBox Defender case. The OtterBox has protected my phone from brutal damage countless times. The poor thing knows what it’s like to be dropped down a flight of stairs. More than once.

I use my phone a lot, as I would assume most iPhone 3GS users would. Because of this, the case has developed some problems. It’s still fully functional, and continues to do an excellent job protecting my iPhone. The problem is only with the flap that covers the headphone jack, it tore off from being opened and closed so many times. To be completely honest, it’s mostly a cosmetic issue. The phone is still very well protected.

Anyway, I purchased my iPhone (and OtterBox) just a few weeks less than 12 months ago. When I noticed the OtterBox beginning to wear, I looked online for OtterBox’s warranty policy. I was expecting them to require original proof of purchase, require me to pay for shipping, etc.

Nope! I emailed them at and a sales representative simply asked for my shipping information. There was no jumping through hoops. They just asked for my mailing address. They didn’t even ask for the old case back! No one does that. With any other warranty claim it’s like trying to pull teeth.

A few days later (today), I found a brand new OtterBox (in full retail packaging) in the mail. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with my purchase almost 12 months ago. I’m also very, very proud of OtterBox for standing behind their products. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would pay for a $50 mobile phone case, this is why.

If I ever need another mobile phone case, I’ll definitely be purchasing it from OtterBox. They’re quite amazing.

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